We have a passion for the bar and nightlife industry, stemming from our experience working with industry professionals in that space. This concept combines a mixture of design styles to create a recognisably unique brand and welcoming feel to the bar environment. First round is on us.

The Wub Club

A consistent digital presence is essential to growing brand familiarity with potential customers. We have worked with Wub Club records since their inception, producing the artwork for their regular releases. People know that when they see the vibrant covers, there will be quality music inside.

Vanta Studio

We help create bold identities and responsive websites for inspiring brands that want to position themselves effectively online. A refined geometric logo and high contrast colour scheme was established to showcase our instinctive attention to detail.

The Rave Company

A new events company inspired by the warehouse rave scene. Just before COVID-19 halted the nightlife sector, we created the brand identity for TRC featuring bold patterns and an unlimited colour palette. The logo takes the shape of a large warehouse venue, which is also used as a pattern throughout the artwork and brand collateral.


Bleak is a boutique fashion brand concept with a focus on high quality, premium fabrics and simple clothing designs. Specifically targeted at attracting edgy millennials, the brand identity features custom typography and a muted but high contrast colour palette.


ORDR is an online retail store, providing a niche marketplace for unique and designer furniture. Inspired by the transition towards online shopping, ORDR curates items from a variety of designers and provides an unique shopping experience for its customers.