Social Media Strategy


Targeting and interacting with your customer base from the palm of your hand. Social Media is the future of hospitality business marketing, are you making the most of it?

In order to thrive online nowadays, you need to have an engaging social media presence; but surprisingly, many hospitality brands are yet to focus their efforts on developing this.

An average person in the UK spends 148 minutes on a smartphone and smartphones make up to 40% of online traffic in the UK. Being able to market your business effectively online means that you are likely to drive more customers to your website and business.

We create branded social media templates and can help you come up with a suitable social media strategy to help elevate your business online. Our team can manage your social media for you every month or take the reins yourself with our guidance! Pair this service with

Videography & Photography to launch your social media presence with picture perfect content. Social Media Success:

Vegan Noms – social media growth of 200% as a result of social media content revamp (+2.5k followers)